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My quest for the perfect mineral foundation

Make up has become an integral part of our lives as women, some may even say it is a necessity and they can’t leave home without it. I love make up as much as the next person but I love my bare skin more.
As much as I love my bare skin, it is naturally very sensitive, prone to break outs and blemishes…finding the right make up as such is not a very easy task for me.

In a good skin month I can get away with NARS “All Day Luminous Lightweight” foundation because it’s oil free, doesn't clog my pores and has amazing coverage.


I desperately craved what i like to call “skincare makeup”, something that would work with my skin and not against it and help me better manage, if not improve my myriad of conditions. 

From my research I discovered the world of mineral make up, now at the time, there weren’t many shade options for black skin. The only brand that had workable shades was MAC, I tried their Mineralize range and also another brand called Bare Minerals but it was either too dark or grey, not mineral enough in content which made my skin flare up all over again.

I began to think, maybe this mineral thing isn't for me, until i came across the indigenous brand Trim & Prissy. Although they are not a mineral make up brand, they did have quite a good range of mineral foundations. I decided to try their “mineral powder foundation” in MC6 and I was AMAZED at the coverage - it’s build-able, so you can put layers on until you attain your desired coverage - and how well it matched my natural skin tone.

Reasons why I love this foundation:
It left me with a healthy and dewy glow 
It’s weightless…feels like second skin
I can wear it immediately after my facial with no fear of clogged pores
It contains a mild natural sunscreen
Great value for money, at only N7500 my powder lasted over 6 months!
It can be worn over my NARS liquid foundation if desired
It’s a Proudly Nigerian brand :)

Its on sale 

 N6000 until December 1st 2017. Head on over to 

to get yours and thank me later!


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