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Captivating Cape Town

My first trip to South Africa was in February 2017, I had been invited to Cape Town for one of my dearest friend’s wedding.

I’d always wanted to visit South Africa but I could never quite find the right time or reason to go.

Thrilled to experience an African country with a rich history and diverse cultures I quickly applied for my visa once I had the wedding dates. The application process was really easy and hassle free, submission took about 15 minutes and I had my passport back in less than 10 days, stamped with a 3 month visa for a first time application…not bad at all!

Another bonus was the direct flight from Abuja to Johannesburg on South African Airlways with a duration of a little over 6 hours, my connecting flight to Cape Town was pretty quick and smooth too.

The wedding was in the picturesque area of Stellenbosch, the views of the surrounding mountains was breath taking.

As you can imagine it was a beautiful and incredibly romantic ceremony.

Leading up to the big day my friend had lined up a range of exciting activities for us, the two that stuck in my mind was the boat cruise and our trip up Table Top Mountain.

I surprised myself and conquered my fear of heights to an extent. I made it up in one piece but my views from the mountain were limited as I avoided going to the far edges, non the less the experience was definitely something I could tick off my bucket list.

I would definitely recommend Cape Town as an ideal location for a holiday home, honeymoon or simply a family holiday…

I can’t wait to go back!

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