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Flower Power…It’s a love thing!

Flowers have always appealed to me, growing up my grandmother had a beautiful rose garden at her home in Jos, I would always get lost in the bright colours and varying fragrances they produce. I would doodle them all over my school books and insist on only wanting floral stickers.

Of course i grew older and became more fascinated by other things, until I met Debola Lewis of Yvent Kouture. I had the privilege of designing floral centre pieces with him and that was the moment I fell in love with flowers again.

While on a long break in LA, I decided to explore the city and I discovered the LA flower market downtown, it’s literally a floral haven, I had never seen so many rare and exotic looking flowers, in all colours, shapes and sizes! It was love at first glance. I quickly found a short course on floristry and got my hands dirty.

Below are some of my favourite creations:

The Missoni

This bouquet was inspired by a Missoni turban I came across, I wanted to create something chic, elegant, demure, yet timeless. Although this was already made with a bridesmaid in mind, I think it would definitely look great in a bigger size for a tasteful bride!

Bouquet was created using mainly with roses and chrysanthemums.

Purple Reign

I love the colour purple and all it stands for, I wanted to create a statement centre piece arrangement ideal for a special occasion so I opted for an ombre style runner arrangement.

Arrangement was created using roses, hydrangeas and tulips.

KandIwed This was my first professional arrangement for one of my best friends’ bridal shower. It was a fresh and simple yet sophisticated arrangement. It suited her personality beautifully and topped her off with a touch of sweetness!

Arrangement created using roses, chrysanthemums and baby’s breath.

I never thought I would find so much solace in floristry…fresh floral arrangements brighten up the room and the many hearts that view them.

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