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Spa 101 : A Glimpse into the Nigerian Industry

The spa and wellness industry is rather vast and it can be a difficult to find exactly what your niche or calling is within the field. This is where a little bit of your talent and a whole lot of passion comes in, your talent/skill will allow you decided on what sector of the industry you want to operate in. Your passion on the other hand will push you into being the best at what you do.

Focusing on the industry in Nigeria, it is safe to say that it is still in its infancy, the key most common areas in the industry are as follows:


2 Med Spas:

a recent occurrence that is rapidly on the rise. Usually headed by a dermatologist or aesthetic nurse.

4 Beauty:

make up artistry. Complimentary services can include eyelash extensions, microblading and even nails.

1 Day Spa:

typically includes a broad range of services such as massages, facials, hydrotherapy, waxing, scrubs, wraps etc.

3 Salons: 

hair salons

and barber shops

5 Nail Spas:

nails, manicures and pedicures. Complimentary services can include waxing.

6 Hammams:

traditional Turkish and Moroccan bath house offering organic wet facial and body treatments. Complimentary services can include massages.

7 Traditional Spas:

this is the most recent addition to the Nigerian spa and wellness industry. Tried and tested home grown beauty remedies that we usually experience in the privacy and comfort of our homes are now being offered in brick and mortar stores. Services typically include henna, organic scrubs, herbal steam baths, etc.

8 Fitness:

yoga, spinning,

traditional & non traditional gyms

Despite the fact that these are the leading sectors in Nigeria, it is safe to say that the world is changing and we must change along with it. A lot of people will say it is time to think outside the box, I personally wonder why there has to be a box in the first place? Consumer demands are constantly changing, being able to meet them in a safe, ethical and efficient way will definitely leave you ahead of the pack. Certain rules can be broken!

Although there is no data that captures the value of the Nigerian Spa and Wellness Industry it is safe to say that from the sheer number of businesses in the 8 different sectors identified above, the industry is on the rise. Most businesses are located within the country’s major cities of Lagos, Abuja and Portharcourt.

SPA 101: The Start Up Checklist

Before you start up a spa it is important to realise that a spa goer is not a spa owner. It takes a whole lot more…

Here’s a handy little list of 10 things you need to have in place.

1.  A qualification in your chosen field.

2.  A business plan. 

3.  Experience...remember practice makes perfect.

4.  What field and type of spa will you focus on? For example will you be a mobile therapist, will you focus on just massages?

5.  Market research: is there a market outside of your head? What do people want (target market), how will you give it to them and      why would you give it to them, not forgetting where you will give it to them. Your chosen location can make or break you.

6.  Industry requirements e.g. Business registration, applicable taxes, legalities, building requirements, etc.

7.  Staffing: who will make up your team and why?

8.  Product selection: what brands will you be working with and why? What are the benefits of working with this brand?

9.  Branding: this speaks volumes! Your choice of colors, treatment offerings, communication style, amongst other things tells your client who you are.

10.  An accessible pricing and promotion plan.

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