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The Ultimate Bridal Pumps
Because every bride deserves her Cinderella moment…

It was a cool summer evening on the 3rd of July 2015, I was strolling through the various shoe shops in harrods with my mum and aunt, completely and utterly disappointed by everything I had seen. I was borderline stressed because the pumps I was after for my big day had to be nothing short of amazing. I had just about given up, when i spotted the “Cinderella” pumps in a bird cage rotating in all its glory at the Jimmy Choo store.


My heart literally stopped and shrieked “mum, this is it”! She and my aunt ran over and after a slight pause nodded in agreement simultaneously. I couldn't believe my luck, in that moment, I knew it was God answering my prayers. I ran over and grabbed an attendant and pointing in the direction of the Cinderella’s said “those are mine”. My bubble was burst almost instantly as she said “sorry those are made to order, it takes 3 months”. I cried on the inside and felt deflated because I only had 2 months to go…my mum and aunt saw the disappointment on my face and quickly tried to show me other brand alternatives.


It didn't work…I went home that evening, grumpy as hell…Until I had my light bulb moment. I was going to go into the flagship store and try and order them, after all they weren't exclusive to Harrods…I was up at the crack of dawn, before I could blink I was seated in a chair getting my feet measured and trying on different heel lengths to choose the most comfortable height for me.

  •  They are made to measure, meaning it will be made to your exact size…that’s right, even that awkward foot thats slightly bigger than the other!

  • You get to choose the heel height you are most comfortable with, completely flat to super high. I understand the process has changed a little since then as the shoes are now available in different names based on the heel height - Atilla, Avril, Ari, Allure and Alia.

  • Comfort…I am a firm believer in comfort over everything, especially if its going to cost a little above your average shoe budget!

  •  Lastly and most importantly, its your day and it allows you to be the only Shoe-Stopper!!!!

It was truly a princess like moment, my sales assistant Houda (yes i still remember her name lol) was a joy, she told me she’d make an expedited order for me as I was the first bride to order from their store. I was on cloud nine!

Now heres what’s so fabulous about these babies…


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